Monday, March 31, 2008

The great home debate

To buy? Build? Or rent forever?

That is the question.

And after the snow that blew in this week, I am MORE than ready to dive into summer.


Jessi said...

I think building is the way to go...if you can find a lot for a decent price. Then again, I think a lot of home prices are dropping!? Maybe you could find a brand new house for a great deal.

Rissa and Jared said...

it is a great home debate. we're thinking of building one day if we get rich somehow. please tell me that blueprint isn't seriously starting at $120,000. i would start to cry.

brandon & brittany said...

normally i would say build, but building usually always costs a lot more then you intend it too (or so i'm told). i've heard that buying a house right now is the best way to go...then again, we are in the orem provo area, places that severely lack architectural style (that's what my dad says, i'm not an architectural wiz). i haven't helped have it?