Friday, March 14, 2008

10 loves


1. Yellow Laffy Taffy, and the jokes to go with it! Question: If your dog kisses you, what do you call it? Answer: A pooch smooch! (I know, you're all dying of laughter now hu?)
2. My wedding ring, which I've been wearing for a year as of March 12.
3. Bringing Jason lunch in the middle of the day so we can flirt out in the parking lot of his office.
4. When grey skies turn sunny even though predicted all-day rain.
5. When I receive an e-mail on my work account that isn't spam. It hasn't happened yet today, but my fingers are still crossed. (For those who are curious, I've received more than 20 spam messages today.)
6. Decorating my dream home in my mind.
7. Re-discovering gift cards in my purse. Banana Republic, Barnes and Nobel and Olive Garden -- here I come!
8. Talking with Brittanie at work about over-zealous public relations people.
9. Water. It's my favorite beverage.
10. This funny blog I found:


Cheryl said...

That is so sweet that you bring Jason his lunch. You are such a wonderful wife. We had fun seeing you at the wedding. You and Jason are such a beautiful couple. Thanks for taking all the fabulous pictures.

Anonymous said...

We really like living in AZ. At least for now. We haven't experienced the summer yet but it's probably pretty similar to Vegas so hopefully we're prepared.

But it's really nice and there's a lot of stuff to do. The metro area is really spread out so you can always go explore.

Plus, there's tons of hiking. We haven't done any yet but I'll definitely post about it when we do!