Monday, September 19, 2011

The Words We Eat

Let's play a game. I'll say a phrase, you fill in the blank.

"When I'm a parent I will never _________"

(for those of you blessed with the walking messes known as "children" you can still play too, just think back to the gold days when you were a perfect parent - before you had children.)

Wanna hear mine? I have many, but for the purpose of this post I'll limit it to two.

"When I'm a parent, I will never let a sleep schedule dictate my life."

Hi, my name is Jessie and nap time is 10 and 1:30, bed time is 7:00. Don't mess with the schedule or I will mess with you. Seriously.

"When I'm a parent, I will never let my child make messes of meals. So gross."

Hi, meet Norah:

Some days we just give up on bibs, it's much easier to strip her down then hose her off when she's done.

What are some of the things you swore you'd never do as a parent, yet you now find yourself doing?