Sunday, December 18, 2011

O Christmas Tree

We've had the Christmas tree up since before Thanksgiving (I'm a rebel, I know) and it has brought us so much fun! Norah loves to re-arrange the ornaments and tell me "uh oh!" when she pulls them off, while Sonny acts as the watch guard. Perhaps one of these days I'll get one of Norah actually looking at the camera but let's be honest ... a glowing tree v. mom with a camera in your face? We know who will win that battle 10 times out of 10.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Epic Fail

For Thanksgiving we kept with tradition and headed up to the cabin. Because of weather conditions and the fact that Carlie had to work until 9 the night before, we didn't head up to the cabin until Thursday morning. Because we were planning on leaving so early, Jason and I decided we would spend the night at my parents house. Which meant I needed to be packed for the cabin Wednesday morning. In my hustle to get the three of us packed, I totally messed up. I grabbed my camera and two of the lenses I would need to take pictures as well as a third lens that I had sold and needed to deliver that afternoon. I made the mistake of putting my brand spanking new $500 lens in the box to be sold, while putting my old cheap lens (that I sold for $120) in my bag. On top of that, I didn't bring a battery for my camera. So the lack of battery explains why I have zero pictures of our Thanksgiving festivities. The lens blunder explains why I'm stressed out and my currently broken-down jeep explains why I haven't made the lens switch yet. Blerg. But, here's a cute picture of Norah at the cabin I swiped of my mom's blog :)