Friday, February 29, 2008

By way of announcement . . .

For all those who didn't know (like me until about 10 min. ago) there are five Fridays this month. But before you roll your eyes and say "so what," I'll let you all in on a little secret. There are only five Fridays in February every 28 years, because it can only happen when February 1st falls on a Friday, and when there is a February 29th. So there you go, enjoy today while it lasts because there won't be another one like it until my kids are grown and out of the house. At least most of them. Assuming they leave the house at 18 like they should. But I digress . . .

The next announcement is (drum roll please) From now on I will be blogging daily. Yes, that's right, you will be able to visit this loverly blog every single day and see something new. Maybe sometimes I'll blog multiple times a day (exciting!!) This will all take place starting Monday, which leads me to my last announcement . . .

I'm going to Disneyland this weekend! Jason and I will be jumping in the car and taking off at 3:00, headed to our favorite little vacation spot.

I also have one more big announcement (no, it's not what you're thinking) but it really would be better with pictures. So you'll all just have to wait until Monday.

And because blogs are ALWAYS more interesting with pictures:

Random, I know. It was at the farmers market Jason and I went to a while back.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My new favorite place

All photos by me!

Flour Girls and Dough Boys is a stunning new bakery located in American Fork just off Main Street. This delectable delicatessen offers up some of the most delicious baked goods I've ever tasted. From it's inviting atmosphere - complete with fireplace, child's play kitchen and bookshelves - to the to-die-for goodies, there's no reason every single reader of this blog shouldn't go out of their way to visit this Utah treasure.

35 N 150 W American Fork

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How well do you know your world?

A friend at work introduced me to this addicting little activity yesterday, and Jason and I spent way too much time mastering each challenge. Go ahead, give it a whirl, but don't be surprised when you become addicted.

(if this appears too small on your screen, use this link)

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rachael + Steven the engagements

Head on over to my Web site ( to see the latest shoot! This was for one of my best friends who is getting married on April 25 in the Logan temple. You can bet I'll be there with a camera slung about my neck!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

An update

Jason and I have spent the past couple days looking at homes online and walking through a select few. We love our current living situation, but for some reason have been bit by the "home-buying bug." Anyway, we're not anxious buyers, just curious as to what's out there. If anyone hears of a killer deal in the general Orem/Provo area, let us know!

And take a look ... my new couches! We found these beauties at Down East Home for a killer deal. I love that store, but every time I go I'm sure Jason groans inside because I always find a new piece of furniture I want. I'm currently craving a beautiful gray-ish china cabinet thingy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy 100!

I'd kind of hoped my 100th post would be a little more exciting, but it isn't. So oh well. I just took a quiz online to see which LOST character I'm most like, and I have to admit, I'm pretty pleased!

So happy Presidents Day! Yay for me, I had work off today, but Jason didn't. So I've had a productive day at home. I've been waiting on my Pampered Chef delivery, which was supposed to come at 1:30 ... two hours ago. The waiting has provided me a perfect opportunity to do laundry (several loads), clean the bathroom, bake banana bread, pick up the rest of the house and find two homes I'd love to buy. The first is perfect, my dream home, except they just accepted someone else's offer. We're on the top of the notification list if the buyers financing falls through, so we'll see. The other is less "me" but more logical. It's a killer price and a brand spanking new home, the downside is it's in Eagle Mountain. The other bad thing is, they didn't put any contact information on the listing other than the Craigslist e-mail. So ... I'll keep you posted on what happens.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Phone Book

So today at work I was reading the phone book (it's for a project I'm working on) and I noticed on each page was a random fact. I wrote some of them down to share with you all. Enjoy.

1. On a Canadian two dollar bill, the flag flying over the Parliament Building is an American Flag.
2. Most gemstones contain several elements, the notable exception is the diamond, which is all carbon.
3. The most common town names in the United States, in order, are: 1. Fairview 2. Midway 3. Oak Grove 4. Franklin 5. Riverside 6. Centerville 7. Mount Pleasant 8 Georgetown 9. Salem and 10. Greenwood
4. Butterflies taste with their feet
5. A baby blue whale is 25 feet long at birth.
6. Elephants are the only animals that can't jump
**Update** My Canadian friend Rissa informed me that No. 1 is not true, blasted misinformed phone book people ...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Valentine

This is my funny honey in various stages of his life. Jason is the worlds most wonderful husband, and the bestest friend I could ask for. The day I met him was the luckiest day of my life. I couldn't ask to be married to a more wonderful, smart, funny, caring man. I love the way he treats me and the fantastic time we have together. I love that he lets me be me and supports me 100 percent in everything I do. I love spending time with him, even if it's just laying on the bed watching him play games. I love taking road trips with him, because somehow the hours seem to fly by and I can never get enough of just being next to him.

Happy Valentines Day Jason, I love you.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

10 loves


Watching my husband rock out to Guitar Hero.
2. Winning the game of Life with nearly 4 million dollars.
3. Being sick on the weekend so I don't have to miss too much work. (I'm trying to be optimistic here folks ... )
4. Having a husband who isn't repulsed by my sickness.
5. Having medical insurance so being sick doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
6. Dayquil and Nyquil.
7. Insurance that covers most the cost of prescriptions.
8. That it's Jason's week to teach primary.
9. Extra soft tissues.
10. That I haven't thrown up since yesterday.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Photography Sample Book

I'm so excited! For the past couple days I've been working hard on putting together a photography sample book highlighting a few weddings I have worked on. I published it through Blurb Books and hope to have it in my hands soon!! Not only will it show potential clients my photography style, it's also an example of the type of albums I offer. Click on the link to preview the first 15 pages.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Stacey!

Today is my sister-in-law Stacey's birthday. Stacey is Jason's one and only sister, and a fantastic sister-in-law. I have met very few people who possess as much talent and drive as Stacey does. She's a hard worker, great mother and wonderful Disneyland travel partner. She seems to succeed at everything she tries and always makes the people around her feel important.

We love you Stacey and hope your birthday is the best yet!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

10 loves

Photo by me!

1. My clean house.
2. Jason's effort in making the house clean.
3. Cooking and baking. Tonight I'm making dinner for six. What's on the menu? Macaroni and Cheese, homemade French bread, fruit salad and peas.
4. Getting my taxes done early, and actually having a substantial refund.
5. Checking stories off my "to write" list at work.
6. Dusting. It's probably my favorite household chore because I LOVE seeing the shinyness of the newly dusted furniture.
7. Being married ... happy 8 months to us!!
8. Pizzeria 712 in Orem. Seriously, it's heavenly. Especially their Panna Cotta. Oh ... so so so so good.
9. The return of Lost. I'm still not sure how I feel about the new twist it's taken, but that won't stop me from watching.
10. When I ask my husband what he's doing and he says, "just kissing the girl I love more than anything."