Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rachael + Steven the engagements

Head on over to my Web site ( to see the latest shoot! This was for one of my best friends who is getting married on April 25 in the Logan temple. You can bet I'll be there with a camera slung about my neck!


Audrey O'Brien said...

jessie - your a doll! yes i know you check my blog and i love it! i check yours ever now and then too! both of them! i do know a killer deal on a house, mine! we are selling at $610,000 currently and appraisal is more than $100,000 more than that. i would say its a deal. happy house hunting!

Rebekah said...

Love the flare shot! I miss you! I hope you are still down with shooting a few weddings with me this year:)