Saturday, February 2, 2008

10 loves

Photo by me!

1. My clean house.
2. Jason's effort in making the house clean.
3. Cooking and baking. Tonight I'm making dinner for six. What's on the menu? Macaroni and Cheese, homemade French bread, fruit salad and peas.
4. Getting my taxes done early, and actually having a substantial refund.
5. Checking stories off my "to write" list at work.
6. Dusting. It's probably my favorite household chore because I LOVE seeing the shinyness of the newly dusted furniture.
7. Being married ... happy 8 months to us!!
8. Pizzeria 712 in Orem. Seriously, it's heavenly. Especially their Panna Cotta. Oh ... so so so so good.
9. The return of Lost. I'm still not sure how I feel about the new twist it's taken, but that won't stop me from watching.
10. When I ask my husband what he's doing and he says, "just kissing the girl I love more than anything."


Rissa and Jared said...

i love the 'effort' comment about cleaning the house. Jared is great at tidying things around the house...but not so excellent at cleaning nitty gritty--but he tries.

Bridget and Dustin said...

What a cute list of your loves! Your pictures from disneyland are beautiful!

Emily said...

Isn't Pizzeria 712 awesome!? We love that place! Have you tried the s'mores? They're so fun!

Whitney Tanner said...

Have you had the Macaroni and cheese at 712- amazing. It's so good, really!

brandon & brittany said...

you are so monica...i love it.