Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Every year at Gardner Village they have a fantastic display of life-size witches and other fun Halloween decor at Witchfest. I've never been but I've always heard fun things about it, so when my mom called me yesterday morning and asked if I wanted to go and bring my littles, of course I said "yes!" So we got ready and were out the door in less than a hour - record time for me and my two head-strong children. It was so worth it, Norah had a blast! She's a pretty big fan of this Halloween holiday and all the fun surrounding it. I can't wait for trick-or-treating tonight, she's going to be in heaven.


Laus said...

SOOO fun! LOVE, LOVE the last two pictures. She looks so model like and his smile is charming!

Annegirl said...

Norah's hair down is adorable!