Monday, October 15, 2012

For Sale

It's strangly hard for me to write this post. I love my house. This is the house I brought my children home to, this is where motherhood became my passion. This is where the importance of family was brought to life. I love this home, every little thing about it. But lately we've been feeling the itch. It's an amazing time to buy, with low interest rates and a not-yet-recovered market, we are curious to see what else is out there for our family. So with that, we are testing the market. Seeing what we can find in terms of a new home for us and new owners for our home. So if you know of anyone interested in owning (or renting, we're entertaining that possibility too) an incredibly nice home in the best neighborhood, let us know.


Laus said...

Come be my neighbor! ;) Seriously, the house to the west of where ours is going up just put up their for sale sign. I will say we're just north of a pasture that apparently houses cows--I'd never seen them there until this fall, so they may only be seasonal, but the horses are always around. It does look like a nice house from the outside and they guy was in landscaping when they built it 5 years ago, so it has some great features that way and the neighborhood seems extremely wonderful with families who have moved in to stay and with lots of young kids. It's just inside Lehi off Pioneer Crossing (AF Main Street) in case you might be interested. It's likely priced around 350K.
I wish you the best of luck finding your gem because we felt like we LOST the prime time to buy a year before we started the process of building ours. People kept telling us gems were still available but I NEVER saw one--at least not like what we saw every where summer 2011. I keep telling Steve, who's felt so sad we didn't buy then, that there wasn't anything we could have done coming out of school and no paycheck to show for anyone to let us look. But you are right the interest rates are crazy low!

Tawni said...

I LOVE all your decorations! Soo cute!