Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A tale of two pregnancies

In theory, it would make sense that if you've been pregnant before, you know what it's like to be pregnant, right? Well in my case, my two pregnancies have been SO different, from day one.

Case in point: with Norah, we were trying (btw, I hate that term, eww) fooooreeevvver and a few months before I was actually pregnant, I had a chemical pregnancy which broke my heart. So Jason told me I wasn't allowed to take any more pregnancy tests until I had actually missed my period. But before I had missed my period, I knew I was pregnant. I just knew it. And when the "pregnant" showed up on the test, all I could think was "well no-duh, I knew that." With baby C ... not so much. I had stopped taking birth control in August and on October 11 I was a few days late so on my way home from my brother's birthday dinner, Jason convinced me to stop at Walmart to pick up a pregnancy test. I brought it home and took it, but not thinking it could actually be positive, I left it in the bathroom and went about my evening. Jason looked up from his computer and asked if I seriously wasn't going to check the results and I told him what was the point? There was no way it was positive. Wrong.

With Norah I was sick. Super sick. Throw up twice-a-day-every-other-day sick. Around week 17 that calmed down, but I never really got over the nausea. With baby C, I threw up seven times and in general feel pretty fantastic. You know it's a good pregnancy when you can actually count the number of times you lost your lunch.

Sleep was my best friend during my pregnancy with Norah, it came easy and often and was the highlight of my life. With baby C, sleep is that best friend you once had but it's been so long since you were friendly that things are awkward and you mostly avoid each other. Except it's the sleep that's doing all the avoiding. I even told Jason the other day that I'd rather be sick and throw up than not be able to sleep ever, at least I could sleep through the sickness. I think he'd probably agree since I've done some pretty expensive online shopping on my iPad while lying wide awake in bed.

Braxton Hicks were a common occurrence for me while pregnant with Norah, but not so much this time around. Which is nice, because Braxton Hicks are annoying. 

So, there you have it, a few major differences between each pregnancy complete with a heavy dose of TMI. And while we're at it, here's a baby bump picture from when I was 13 weeks pregnant:

The one and only "baby bump" picture I've taken so far... and of course I thought I was huge. Ha. If only "13 weeks" me could see "29 weeks" me.


April said...

yeah, pretty much YOU are super small girl! :) i look like the 13 weeks you when I'm not pregnant! so glad this pregnancy is going well...minus the sleep thing = lame! :) can't believe you are 29 weeks - you are so close!!! :) so happy for you guys!

April said...

you look great! so glad this pregnancy is going well...minus the sleep thing = lame! :) 29 weeks - you are getting so close!!! so happy for you guys!!

Laus said...

I am sure 29 week you is even more gorgeous! I feel your pain. Sleep was so rare with my second pregnancy (my birth pattern is also girl first, boy second). Both times I was pregnant with my kids I KNEW I was pregnant and with what gender before I ever took a test. It is a very sad thing to know that you were "pregnant" and it never nested/took. That said, because I went through hormonal depression with Ava, I'm pretty glad the first feelings of being pregnant when we were "trying" and finally got Andrew weren't Andrew's. Those (the missed pregnancies) are hard, but I think help you love your loved ones more.