Monday, April 9, 2012


Holiday's are so much more fun with children. Watching Norah's excitement about everything all day long was so precious. From the fun of opening her Easter basket (and having candy for breakfast) to watching her eyes light up every time she found an egg (we did about a million egg hunts and it never got old) it made me so glad I'm this little gal's mamma.

When you ask her to smile, this is what you get :

But here she is smiling at Jason who was hiding behind me:

Norah got a quiet book for Easter, a fun church-only toy she seems to love.

We tried to take a few pictures after church, but Norah was really tired and not in the mood to play nice for the camera.

After her nap, Jason hid a few eggs and she was egg-static (I couldn't resist) when she realized there was candy inside.

So of course she tried to get Sonny in on the action. As usual, he wasn't interested.

Egg hunt with the family:


Kim & Clay said...

Norah is so cute! Congrats on #2 coming ... I read your "tale of 2 pregnancies" post and couldn't believe how similar mine have been -- this time around I am way less nauseus and also have sleep issues. Blah. And our boy is a baby "C" too! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Barb Elder said...

So fun. Thanks for posting. Sad I missed it.

Annegirl said...

Too fun!

CValentine said...

Wow! You are pregnant. Congratulations! She is adorable, Jessie. I love the little sweater with her dress. Perfect.