Monday, April 9, 2012

Farm Country

For the past year, we've had a membership to Thanksgiving Point. It's been so much fun to be able to take advantage of all the fun activities there but since most of what Norah enjoys there is outdoors, it's been several months since we've been. Because Norah loves animals, we decided to take her to Farm Country on Saturday. She was in heaven! The first animals we saw there were sheep and Norah loved yelling "BAA" (super loud) at the sheep and having them bleat back at her. The highlights for here were definitely riding a pony and feeding the ducks. Now that her vocabulary is growing every day, it's fun to hear her tell us about what she did. "Mama. Horse. Ride." "Mama. Duck. mmmm (while making the ASL sign for food)" over and over. We'll have to go back soon ... and not on a Saturday when it's super crowded. 

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