Friday, May 28, 2010

Life lately

A little update on what's been happening lately:

First let's get the yucky stuff out of the way, this is what it looked like from our front porch on Monday morning. Yes, Monday, May 24th. It snowed. And stuck around for a while. In fact, as I was driving around yesterday I spotted two semi-melted snowmen in Orem.

Moving on.
We've had a lot of fun preparing for baby (no, she doesn't have a name yet). We got our car seat! We're so excited, and we love it. Of course, we had to try it out on our first baby. He wasn't the biggest fan, but he's a good sport.

And, with the help of my talented mother, I made a car seat cover! Cute hu? Super easy too.

So now, I figure as long as we have a car seat and some diapers, I'm no longer worried about her coming and not being ready. Oh, and just a little shameless plug, I got all our diapers and the car seat from Seriously the best Web site ever. Their prices are just as low (or lower) than in stores like Costco and Walmart. And they deliver, for free, next day. AND if you use my code, JALE3166, you get $10 off your first order PLUS a $5 credit towards your next order. And they don't just sell diapers, they sell everything you'd need for a baby/child. Just sayin.


Laus said...

I hated the snow too! I mean it's like June already ;)

I had Steve put the car seat in the car like as soon as we had it so it was ready since you can't leave your hospital room without the baby strapped in. (Seriously, Careen's sister in NY who owned no car [since it's NYC] still had to have the car seat to leave the hospital.)

Christin Foscarini said...

I love the pic of your kitty :) Looks like something I would do to our cat :) They Car seat cover is adorable!

Barb Elder said...

Your momma is so proud of you! It looks great.

Cheryl said...

Very cute car seat cover and your kitten looks quite content to try it out. Ha! Ha!

brittany said...

so...your kitty is so so cute! i have to admit though, every time i see a picture of him(?) my eyes start to water like crazy (i'm allergic to cats).

Anyway...i love your cute car seat cover deli! It is so cute!

dillon and kim said...

Your car seat cover is so so cute! And seriously I'm not a cat person but that picture is pretty awesome! Dillon took our dog for a walk in the stroller before Quoia came to 'try it out'. In all honesty I had to practice with the car seat a few times, I was so scared of doing it wrong, so looks like you'll be ready to go!