Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carlie's Graduating

My little Carlie (okay, so she's taller than me. By, like, a lot) is graduating from Liahona. She'll still cheer at Orem next year, but for the most part she's done with high school and on to hair school! We took some pictures for her graduation announcement the other day, isn't she gorgeous? And so grown up?

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Knowles Family said...

Such beautiful pictures of cute Carlie! I'm so glad she and Maddie are cheering together next year so we can stay close ;)

Laus said...

NO WAY! I remember you and your mom trying to get her to shower. I guess once she's in hair school and learning how not to wash her hair everyday she'll tell you she was right not to shower everyday back in her youth.

Cheryl said...

Carlie is such a beauty! The pictures are gorgeous. I can't believe how she has grow up in the last few years!