Friday, October 26, 2007

10 loves

I saw something like this posted on my friend Brittany's blog and I decided I loved it and want to make it a weekly part of my blog. So faithful readers, check back every Friday for my current list of 10 loves!


1. The warm weather that hasn't forced me into a big coat yet.
2. My new camera lens, a beautiful 50 mm 1.8 f-stop. It takes yummy pictures.
3. People like Matt and Lecia who trust me.
4. The heated seats in my jeep, because even though the days are getting into the 70's, it's only about 40 degrees when I leave for work in the morning.
5. Disneyland.
6. Having 8 of my 9 stories for bride turned in! (this includes the million page reception center guide -- yay!)
7. Cuddling with Jason for so long in the morning that I'm late for work.
8. Cheerios for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner.
9. The November Real Simple magazine.
10. Fuzzy socks.


ekb said...

Guess what I love? YOU!

brandon & brittany said...

you have a 50 mm 1.8 lens? i think my face is starting to turn green. :)

Creole Wisdom said...

OMG- the 85 mm 1.8 is my FAVORITE lens. I got it last year and adore it. It really does take the best portraits. Enjoy it!!!

mattnbeth said...

what a great idea. i love this. and i thought it already snowed there?

Whitney Tanner said...

I love these lists! I think I did one on my blog awhile ago! You've inspired me to do it again!