Friday, November 16, 2012


Better late than never, right?

The night before Halloween we painted pumpkins. I'm usually a huge fan of pumpkin carving, but this year I really lacked the desire to clean up all the gunk, and besides, Norah can't yet wield a knife, but she's a master with the paint brush!

Norah basically thought Halloween was the best thing ever invented. Dressing up as a princess and people give you candy? Seriously? What could be better!? We only had time to hit a few houses before her desire to sleep overtook her desire for candy (it was weird) but she loved every minute of it. As for Clayton? He's always happy. And he made the cutest little monkey you ever did see.


Barb Elder said...

Cuteness for sure!!

Kaylynn Zoe said...

That little princess outfit it to DIE for! Please tell me where you got that!

Laus said...

Absolutely adorable!

Stephanie said...

So fun!! Love her princess dress too :)

Jon said...

kudos to your dad on the awesome bilbo baggins costume!