Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Name and a Blessing

Today was perfect. Today four men I love held Clayton as Jason gave him a name and a blessing in church. It was the most beautiful blessing. Among the things mentioned in the blessing are all the gifts a mother could hope for her son - good health, a desire for both secular and spiritual learning, the desire to serve a mission and the blessing to find a good wife who will be a good mother to their children. Afterwards, we celebrated with yummy soup, salads, and treats at our house. It was perfect.

Clayton was named after two of the most wonderful men: Jason's grandpa John Clayton, and my daddy Douglas Scott. It is my hope and prayer that he looks up to and emulates these wonderful men whose names he is blessed to carry on.


Annegirl said...

Love meaningful names. Congratulations!

Annegirl said...

And also... I still need to mail his gift! I have it and everything! Sorry I am so slow. =(

Barb Elder said...

Perfect day, perfect family. To day I am grateful for you and Jason and your love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That Jason is the man that he is and was able to to give Clayton his blessing. I love you and your beautiful family. Clayton is perfect and a great blessing to our family.