Saturday, December 11, 2010

Norah's first food

For the longest time, Norah has been SO aware of food, mostly aware of the fact that she wasn't getting any. Jason and I weren't too keen on the idea of starting her on single grain white rice cereal, so we skipped right to the good stuff. The plan was to wait until Christmas and as the best gift ever feed Norah sweet potatoes (festive, eh?). But last night, she made it very clear that she was more than ready. My plan is to make her baby food, so I started up the oven and cooked her some sweet potatoes. Using this Web site as a guide, we fed Norah her first big people food!

She was in heaven :)


brittany said...

How fun! She looks super happy!

She also looks so much like you Jess! Holy cats!

The Finlinsons said...

From what I've read...Norah sounds a good amount like Leila. SOO interested in food (although we haven't tried giving it to her yet...sorry Leila) and does the same thing that Norah does with a cup of juice or water...wants it and reaches and tries to drink it. Leila also loves being naked and has quite the personality! Its so fun!

CValentine said...

This is hilarious to me. My son, who is significantly younger than Norah, can't sit in the Bumbo because his legs are too fat, they don't fit in the leg holes. Norah is practically falling out of that thing! I think my baby is cute, but my back disagrees.