Saturday, November 27, 2010

A really long post

Like the title says, this is going to be long. If you stick with me until the end, there will be really cute pictures. There will also be really cute pictures if you skip all the writing and scroll to the bottom. And now, things on my mind I'd like to blog about:

1. Do you ever read Seriously So Blessed? Well, I do sometimes. And I admit, I'm not a huge fan. But her most recent post had a portion that made me laugh out loud because really, she hit on something that has been boggling my mind for quite some time. She writes,

Dear My Outfits,

Your hotness {lol, is that even a word?} is making me realize that every day should seriously post pics of you, with sassy poses and deets about each darling item bcIbeen thinking TONS about the true meaning of holidays and to be honest, this blog is not enough about ME anymore, ya know?

Oh my goodness. Have you heard of "What I'm Wearing Wednesday"? It's where people take pictures of their outfits every Wednesday and blog about it. Some people don't just do this on Wednesday, they do this EVERY DAY. If I did this, it would go something like this "Hi blog readers! Today I'm wearing pajamas. Again."

2. Christmas music, I need some recommendations. We just spent a few days up at my parents cabin listening to the same twangy country Christmas album we've been listening to for years and I'm ready to move on.

3. I was so excited for that huge blizzard of the century to hit last week. I'm glad I survived, but I hardly think a breeze and a dusting of snow counts as a blizzard.

4. Remember that video I posted of me teasing Norah with juice? Well in just one (ONE!) short month, we will be feeding her real food. Well, real baby food. That I'm making myself. Since it's Christmas she will be eating yams. Festive, eh?

5. Jason starts his new job next week. Yep, new job. He didn't even go hunting for it, they hunted him. We're excited.

6. I have been dying to get family pictures done. We set up a shoot with a really sweet photographer from CA who was in town doing mini sessions for $65. Thanks to the horrible weather forecasts, we were unable to get the pictures done while she was here, so we took our clothes up to the cabin for Thanksgiving where we had my dad take our pictures instead. I'm thrilled with what we got, but none of them scream "please blow me up to a 20 x 30 and hang me above your fireplace!" Which is really what I want. So now I'm on the hunt for a photographer in our price range.

Okay fine, cute picture time :) Thanks Daddy for taking this for us!


Anita said...

Your family photos are so adorable, Norah is so cute.
I also would be in my pj's this week if I had taken my photo. As for Christmas music, we enjoy Kenny G, and Mormon Hymn Classics, Christmas classics with the London National Philharmonic Orchestra arranged and conducted by Lex De Azevedo. That is awesome about Jason! My husband almost moved us to Euorpe once for a job, but it didn't feel right. Maybe you can Juanita to take your family photos, just an idea.


Cheryl said...

Very cute family pictures! I love the colors and you are a beautiful family!

Brittanie said...

all things considered, I think your dad did an AWESOME job taking photos. Prob better than I would have done! p.s. your post wasn't that long. I second your blizzard thoughts - what a joke. Although, we did get 8 inches overnight last night. That was fun. Making baby food is the best - they love it. Can't believe she is getting that big!

Trisha said...

Haha, your blog is funny. I like it! First, Mariah Carey's Christmas album is AWESOME. As is Harry Conick Jr's! Second, your family photos are beautiful! Your Dad should go pro. Love you!

Cami Johnston said...

You are so cute! I enjoy reading your blog. If only you could just take a family picture yourself, eh?

Stephanie said...

I love your pics! I hope you are able to do the ones you want for your fireplace!

Christmas music: I really like The Jackson 5's album, N Sync (guilty pleasure!), Amy Grant, Enya, and Sting.

P.S. Luke and I wore the same PJ's for 3 days in a row while on thanksgiving break (where he managed to get 40 levels into a Tauren Paladin). Don't feel too bad about it ;)

Kelly and Bryce said...

Those pictures are All cute! I'd blow any of them up if I were you! I can't believe how big she's already getting! And why not be in your pajamas?! I've just finally started wearing clothes after having my baby and pajamas are way more comfy!

brittany said...

Are you serious?! You guys are so gorgeous, you could blow up a picture of you sneezing and it would be awesome!

You guys are beautiful! As always!

Lacey Jay said...

Hey Jesse, we've chatted a few times a while ago:) Your work is one of the first ones I started following, i think it was back when you were mentoring with {Westover?} I think your family is gorgeous! I would love to take your family pictures and I would make sure I'm in your price range:)

I have no clue if I'm even the style your looking for but just thought I would throw that out there incase you haven't found anyone.

Your little one is getting so big and as always darling.

Have a great Christmas!!! :)