Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pioneer Day weekend

We started out Pioneer Day weekend by attending the wedding events of one of Jason's former roommates and good friend Christian. It was so fun seeing all Jason's friends and Jason really enjoyed showing off his beautiful daughter.

The man of the hour with all his male buddies (yes, I know, horrible picture)

Then we headed down to Fairview for our annual festivities. This is where I decided I'm a pretty horrible mother taking my four week old daughter to such a rowdy event like the Demolition Derby, but she survived the noisy, dirty, smoke-filled environment.

But all the excitement must have wore her out, because she spent the rest of the weekend doing this:

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dillon and kim said...

She is so cute Jessie. And I was the same way, I took Sequoia on a plane across the country at two weeks old and took her to downtown new york and the beach several times in her first three months of live. Lots of people totally judged me but I honestly think it's good for babies, Sequoia has never been sick and I think it's because I got her out and exposed so early. More power to you guys! I hope I get to meet her soon.