Monday, June 22, 2009

Girls camp

I'm off to girls camp this morning. I won't be back until Thursday night. I love my ward and I love my girls, but I'm not a fan of being away from home. And from Jason. I swear, the longer I'm married the harder it is to be away from him.


I have so much to blog about. Jason and I finally bought a point and shoot camera, so I've been taking a lot more pictures than we used to. I have a cake I made that I want to blog about. My friend Trisha's bridal shower. Matt, Tom and Cheryl's visit this past month. And I have pictures of all of these! But I lack the time/motivation to upload the pictures. So someday, but no guarantees that it'll be soon.

How's that for a pointless post?

Girls camp last year. All but one of these girls is graduated and gone!


Annegirl said...

Yeah, I totally fall back on my point and shoot for most things. Kinda breaks my heart. But doesn't break my camera.

Cheryl said...

How was girls camp? You have been so busy this summer. Let me know when you will be moving into your new home.