Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Arizona so far

Jason and I got into town just after midnight on Saturday (12:14 to be exact, we both guessed what time we'd get in and Jason guessed right on the dot.) We've had a lot of fun hanging out, playing games and watching movies with the family. I was also able to help Stacey take some family pictures which you can see on my picture blog, but other than that I haven't taken a lot of photos but here's what I do have:

These girls love their uncle Jason!!

There was this random 28 miles of snow covered road, and by the time we were off the road, it looked like someone had sprayed the back of the car with a fire extinguisher.

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Barb Elder said...

Glad you made it safely to Arizona. We miss you tons!!!!!! Have a Merry Christmas and we will see you on Friday.