Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting to know me...

Saw this on Elizabeth's blog...

twenty years ago I...
1) was a chubby little girl
2) was living in the blue house on 200 East
3) was an only child, although Geoff was well on his way

ten years ago I...
1) stopped eating meat
2) started coloring my hair
3) was a Canyon View Jr. High Falcon.

five years ago I...
1) was varsity cheer captain (of a nationally ranked squad!)
2) graduated from Orem High School
3) started at BYU

three years ago I...
1) fell in love with Jason
2) was accepted into the Communications: Print Journalism major
3) lived in the yellow house, best ever!

one year ago I...
1) got married! June 2, 2007
2) bid adue to the Brimhall Building at BYU forever
3) was spending a lot of time at the doctor getting blood drawn, turns out I was anemic

so far this year I have...
1) been to Disneyland multiple times
2) watched too much television
3) been called as a Mia Maid assistant advisor

yesterday I...
1) went to the Canyon View Stake Young Women Leadership training meeting
2) took pictures at Interiors Unlimited
3) made artichokes

today I...
1) will prepare a lesson and go visiting teaching
2) put the finishing touches on my dad's birthday gift
3) fold the laundry

tomorrow I will...
1) go to mutual and make picture frames
2) take pictures at La Villa salon in Lehi
3) say farewell to my brother as he leaves for summer sales

in the next year I may...
1) buy a house ??
2) pay off the car
3) really get my photography business off the ground


Emily said...

How fun!

ekbetsy said...

I'm really hurt that you think the yellow house was the best ever, as opposed to the Flower Basket or Chatham (those being the places where you lived with me).

Cheryl said...

I can't imagine you being a chubby little girl? So fun to find out so many things about you! Seems like the photography is doing great! You are so talented!