Sunday, January 13, 2008

10 loves


(consider this a "sometime during the weekend" list, instead of a Friday thing.)

1. Watching Food Network with my husband.
2. Thermometers. Jason and I have had so much fun taking each others temperature over and over this weekend.
3. Real estate listings on Craigslist. Every week I find a new house I want. This is my current one.
4. Cooking, baking and reading cook books.
5. Shopping with Jason. Not only does he have great taste, but he doesn't even complain when asked to come along.
6. Singing time during primary. I love primary songs.
7. Watching "Yes Dear" during my lunch breaks.
8. Gift cards. It's the gift that gives twice. First you're excited when you get it, then you get all excited again when you spend it.
9. Reading books. I just finished "Vinegar Hill." It was ... interesting.
10. Spending time visiting with friends. True friends are the greatest!!


Knowles Family said...

"Barefoot Contessa" is my favorite. Who's yours?

ekb said...

You're talking about me, right? Visiting with friends? And my favorite is Ace of Cakes.

Brady & Karissa Smallwood said...

I watch Yes, Dear on my lunch breaks, too!! I love that show. It's so funny!

brandon & brittany said...

jess, we should definitely do a dinner date! give me a call!

p.s. it's so crazy neat that you guys are looking at houses!

Adriane said...

I love looking at houses too...I somehow get a huge kick out of asking Mike "can we buy this one? PLEASE???" just to see what he says...

Annegirl said...

This was my favorite list, yet. I love you guys. =)

Heather said...

Isn't the food network great?!