Friday, January 4, 2008

10 loves


1. Planning my Disneyland trip for January 25. All are invited.
2. The new Utah Valley Magazine (see previous post)
3. My new coffee table!! (pictures coming soon!) It's the first piece of furniture Jason and I have purchased together, and we are quite proud.
4. When my husband does thoughtful things like bringing me home chocolates from his office.
5. My new Sevens I bought on sale, more than 50 percent off!
6. The warm front that settled on the valley. It was 50 degrees when I left work at five.
7. When hard to please clients call in and tell me how pleased they are with my work.
8. Knowing I get to spend all weekend doing whatever I want.
9. Laughing at the 4 am conversation I had with Jason in my sleep last night -- apparently I kept telling him it was time for prayers.
10. Friends and family!

1 comment:

Rissa and Jared said...

I can't wait to see pics of the coffee table. We are in the market for one--I just don't really know what I want yet. Any pointers?