Friday, December 14, 2007

10 loves


Online Christmas shopping. Once you have the perfect gift in mind, it take mere seconds to have it heading to your home - no fighting crowds or struggling to find a parking spot!!
2. Photoshop. I've been learning so much and having such a blast with it.
3. When people bring home-baked goodies to share with the office.
4. Escaping the cloud of work with a hot pizza and good conversation.
5. The view from my window at work. The mountains are beautiful all dressed up in snow!
6. My Granny. I always have such a good time when she comes to visit.
7. Non-online Christmas shopping. I guess I just get a kick out of buying people stuff that I know they're going to love.
8. My in-laws. I really am a lucky girl, and I'm counting down the days to Arizona!!
9. The glowing report Rebekah Westover gave Utah Valley Bride.
10. Doctors who make my job easy by returning phone calls and e-mails.


Heather said...

Hi Jesse! I like your blog! I just found it from facebook. You're a great photographer too!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the compliment! We thinks you're great too!!