Friday, November 30, 2007

10 loves

photo by me!

1. Blogging and those who do it. Seriously, I love seeing what people are up to and finding out what's new in their lives.

2. Singing to Christmas music while driving in the car. I'm sure the people around me think I'm completely nuts. And they are probably right.

3. Working for Utah Valley Magazine. Besides being a top-notch publication, everyone I work with is so likable and friendly.

4. Brilliant "ah-ha" moments like the one I had today for the cover of the medical profiles section.

5. Photography. Doing it, looking at it, thinking about it ... everything about photography.

6. Real Simple magazine. Seriously, every page is so pretty and the articles are great too!

7. Cute finds like these great measuring spoons from Beehive Kitchen.

8. The unsolicited back/neck rub I received from my husband last night when I had a incapacitating headache.

9. Going to dinner and the movies.

10. Clean sheets. There's seriously nothing like going to bed in freshly washed sheets, especially when they've been washed with this great detergent I just bought. It's Tide pure essentials with baking soda, white lilac scent. Seriously splendid.
photo by me!


Annegirl said...

I may or may not be obsessed with Tide detergent. And photography. And back/neck rubs. And blogging. Huh. We should be friends.

d & e wilson said...

Great picture! That's crazy, Dan picked up that exact same Tide detergent at the store and we are loving it too!

Barb Elder said...

You are talented young lady. You can do it all. Jason is a very lucky guy. ( and so are you)I love it. Keep it up.

brandon & brittany said...

Ooh, i'm with ya on 1,5,6,8,9, and 10! love you list jess! and love your photo!

Kerry said...

I'm definitely with you on a lot of these! Esp. the singing Christmas songs in the car and the Pure Essentials line! I love that stuff on my sheets and towels!

Christin Foscarini said...

Jessie! Hey it has been so long! So you really are amazing at photography!! I want you to take pics for Tony and I! To answer your question we live in Newport Village condos in orem. We are renting now but just getting ready to buy one! We love them!! The prices just went down too! So you should be our neighbors!! :)