Sunday, November 25, 2007

10 loves

Yes, I realize it isn't Friday, but I spent this Friday at my parents cabin with no Internet ... which leads me to my first love of the week:

1. My parents cabin.
2. Thanksgiving Day foods, and leftovers that last for days!!
3. My new hair (pictures coming soon!)
4. The four foot massages my sister gave me this weekend.
5. Our beautiful 3-foot fake Christmas tree with too few lights and three ornaments.
6. Paid vacation days :)
7. Christmas shopping ... and I'm almost done!
8. Watching Christmas lights pop up all over the place.
9. That I don't have to drive in the snow yet!
10. Knowing that tomorrow will be productive.


Barb Elder said...

Thanks for your 10 loves. I really enjoy them. The cabin was great and Rylie giving us all foot massages was great. Can't wait to see your tree, and your hair looks great. Thanks for you help on Thanksgiving dinner. Your great!

Adriane said...

Your hair DOES look way cute! I agree with number ten. I have LOVED the break, but I am excited to get back to a routine...weird.

Annegirl said...

New Hair? NEW HAIR?! I want to KNOW! Is this on facebook?

ekb said...

I want to see your new hair too!! The last I heard, you had an appointment and no idea what to do. I'd like to see your "newlywed" tree too.

Creole Wisdom said...

Way to be, I am also almost done with my Christmas shopping. And post hair pics, soon!!!

Kristina said...
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brandon & brittany said...

yay for new hair! i can't wait to see pictures!