Friday, August 3, 2007


With Jason engrossed in Harry Potter, I just had to find something to keep me just as involved -- and I did.

"Uglies" is the first in a trilogy by Scott Westerfield. It's set in the future, when the human race as we know it has allowed themselves to be ruined by the dependence on oil. The civilization that follows is determined to solve all the problems the previous generations have suffered through, including making everyone "equal" by turning them pretty at the age of 16. "Uglies" follows the adventures of Tally, an almost 16 "Ugly" determine to shed her flawed skin and join the rest of the Pretties in their special town. Until, that is, she learns the truth.

I just finished this book and can't wait to start on the second, "Pretties." I'll let you know how it goes.


Emily said...

I started reading the Uglies a few months ago but had a hard time getting into the beginning part. But everybody keeps raving about it so I should give it a chance.

Have you read Twilight??? If not, you should because that will definitely keep you engrossed!!

-Emily (Van Natter) Stephenson

Cheryl said...

So what is the truth? It sounds very interesting!

Melissa Jane said...

I have read the whole series!! It gets pretty interesting towards the end!!