Monday, June 18, 2007

The Skinny

At work we take turns writing The Skinny column that runs in the Life and Style section every Wednesday. This week was my turn and here's a sneak peak at what I wrote!

The Skinny:

I am a newlywed. It’s fun, really. I love having someone that makes me laugh, someone I love being with and someone who always knows what to say to calm me down – I am what my mom calls “intense.” I love cooking for him and cleaning up after him. I enjoy decorating our apartment and talking about how energy efficient we are with our hybrid car and 13-dollar utility bill.

But don’t be deceived; newlywed bliss is not without its hardships. First of all, there’s the stack of duplicate/bulky/just plain unneeded wedding gifts to return. Our return pile is not nearly as cumbersome as others I’ve seen, but we still aren’t sure what to do with our 6 salad bowls, 4 cheese graters and 2 waffle irons.

Second: The whole legal name-change thing. There are Social Security, IRS 8822, United States Passport, United States Postal Service, and State Driver’s License forms that I need to drive around and pick up. Then I need to fill them out, provide a certified proof of marriage and return them to the right place. And then hope I didn’t mess up somewhere along the way. Such. A. Hassle. I could save myself and estimated thirteen hours and pay an online service – like – thirty dollars to do it all for me, but do I really want to submit such personal information to a Web site? I’ve got an identity to protect!

Third: Insurance. Luckily my hubby’s job provides full medical and dental coverage, but not without – you guessed it – yet another round of paperwork and signatures. The good news is, after this is all over I’ll be an expert on filling out paperwork. Not exactly a skill one can boast about on a resume, but I’ll take it.

And last, but certainly not least, the love of my life leaves the toilet seat up.

-- Jessie Evans


Stacey Crewse said...

So're a great writer! Wedded bliss right!? The process of changing my name drove me crazy, when it was finally done I wanted my maiden name back! At least for a week :)

AnneGirl said...

He left the seat up?! That's it. HIS name is changed to mud.

Webb Family said...

You summed that up nicely, it was fun getting to meet you.

Adriane said...

This one took me almost a year to change my driver's license. Don't tell.