Monday, May 21, 2007

"To do" lists

I'm a list kinda gal. I love making long lists with everything I need to accomplish and then, my favorite part, I get to cross things off one by one when each goal has been reached. I am also a planner. I love to plan things, and I love when things are planned. My dear friend Macie and I have been obsessed with planning weddings since we were, I dunno, infants? Okay, so that's a somewhat hyperbolic statement, but only somewhat.

I believe it was sometime in junior high when we discovered the The Knot, a Web site that has everything wedding. Dresses, cakes, flowers, rings, etc. So when Jason popped the question, I immediately turned to The Knot to help plan this upcoming shindig. They have a wedding budgeter, a guest list manager and even a place where you can make your own couples Web site. . . but best of all, they had a checklist!! This checklist, as beautiful as it seemed, has become the bane of my existence. I am obsessed with being able to check things off. . . but according to The Knot, we have 11 days left. . . and 65 items still on the "to do" list. Plus, about 20 or more of our invitations we sent out have come back for various "incorrect address" reasons. Yay for stress! Right?

On an interesting side note, both Macie and I are over our wedding planning obession just in time to actually have to plan our own weddings, I love the irony of life.


AnneGirl said...

Oh! That seems highly unfair.

Remember that one night with Kevin Hunter? Hahaha...

Whitings said...

Jessie! I am so glad you got a blog! I loved your announcement and thanks for sending both of those pictures, you guys look amazing! I can’t believe you guys are getting married in just 11 days! I wish I could go to your reception, I am sure it will be gorgeous!