Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A little update on my littles

Thank heavens for the photoshoots I do for Tnees Tpees or I might not have pictures of my own kids lately! I've been really feeling this pregnancy, I'm not sure if it's just because it's my third or what, but wow! I don't remember feeling this large and sluggish with the other two. That being said, I really am feeling great. I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and am more than ready to have this baby.

Norah is excited to have a baby in the house, and is already the sweetest little helper. She's constantly asking me how I'm feeling, how the baby is doing, and smothering my tummy with kisses. Her maternal nature is so tender, it melts my mommy heart. She's still super social and constantly wanting to be with friends. Like most girls her age, she's obsessed with Elsa and all things Frozen.

(a little sneak peek at the baby's room!)

Clayton is my little buddy, and a big-time momma's boy! He's not so thrilled about the impeding addition to our family and is entering his "terrible twos" phase with a vengeance. Of course, he can't really be terrible and his tantrums are (mostly) adorable. He loves Cars, Toy Story, and holding mom's hand at all times.

Oh, and he really needs a haircut, but his soft silky hair is so hard to part with!

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