Friday, October 7, 2011

Playing Catch-up

You guys, I blogged once in September. Only once. I'm so ashamed. I guess because I blog fairly regularly over on my photo blog, I feel like I'm blogging often and I forget my little 'ole family blog. Shame shame. Do you want to know what we've been up to?

Jason: Got a new job. I know, right? Seems like he just got a new job (and he did, December of 2010) and now he's at an even newer job! And he loves it. And so do I. Because who wouldn't love increased pay and flexibility?

Jessie: Still has the same job(s). Namely: Mother,  wife and photographer. Between the three I am busy, and very much overjoyed to be me. I recently attended a business conference for wedding industry vendors. It was amazing, I learned a ton and I can't wait to implement all I learned into my business. I also had my picture taken in a photo booth, here's a gem from the photo strip:

Norah: Stinking cute. Seriously. The girl has a personality that never stops. In fact, our home teacher asked us last week if she was always like this. "This" being an entertainer who thrives in the spotlight and knows how to turn on the charm. Yes, she's always like this. The other day we had the first snow of the season. Norah and I were loving it! I even let her run outside in her pajamas. I'm a fun mom like that.

Sonny: Or, Mr. Sonny, as he's most often referred to, opted to enjoy the snow from inside. He's a scaredy cat.


Trisha said...

Yeah for updates!! :)

Emily Evans said...

I love Norah's ponytail. So cute!