Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Counting down

Today my doctor taught me how pregnant women count down to their pregnancy. Since you're already in a day, it doesn't count. And the due date doesn't count since it is the day. So while the rest of you logical folk may say I have 15 days left, my doctor and I agree it's only 13 until D-Day.


I am not dilated. I am not effaced. And chances are, I am not having a June baby.



Adam and Bri said...

13 days it is!

And if it makes you feel better, I was WAY dilated and WAY effaced for a good month — and it did nothing for me.

So I've decided there are no rules. The wee ones simply come when they want to come. (Or when you can convince your doctor you should be induced. :)

dillon and kim said...

Don't worry Jessie, my sister-in-law's doctor told her the same thing 2 weeks ago at her appt. Her baby came less than a week later. At 35 weeks I was dialated to a 3 and nearly 90% effaced. My doctor told me my baby would be early, possibly any day. I had to be induced 5 days after my due date... Your angel will get here when the time is right. It will be here before you know it!

Laus said...

I don't know which would be better knowing you're not progressed at all or sitting at a 3 and 4 dilation (??) for 2-3 weeks and having the doctor say anytime now, you might even call me tonight and then nothing & having to be induced!!!
All I can say is we walked and walked up steep inclines (around the temple) and that would bring on contractions but then they'd stop.
I guess be grateful knowing that if baby bump won't come soon enough your doctor will induce you ;)

Trent and Lindsey said...

I never dilated or effaced till Aspen was born and she came sooo fast. My doctor also thought i would go past my due date and Aspen was four days early.

sherry ward said...

Hey Jessie!

I was dilated to a 2cm for a month. In 16 hours, I only dilated ONE cm!! She will be a GORGEOUS baby no matter when she comes! Can't wait to see pics of her-they will be amazing also! =D

Bobs said...

Maybe you'll be like me. Nothing happens (meaning I'm don't dilate) until labor starts. but once it starts it goes fast! I was so scared to be induce and Elyza came on her own 3 day late. But they induced me for my other 3. It's so much better and calmer! so don't worry if you have to be induced! Whatever happens the Lord will be with you and it will all work out! You'll be in my prayers! Good Luck!

Annegirl said...

Dear Jessie,
I too am anxiously awaiting your little one! In the mean time, need to kill some time? Read my blog. Promise it will interest you.
Love, Me