Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby bump: 25 weeks

101 days
2 hair appointments
1 Disneyland trip
4 walls to paint
1 glucose screening test (yuck!)
14.5 weeks
2 pieces of furniture to finish/acquire
1 crib to be set up
21 more pounds to gain to reach my target weight

Until D-date.


Adam and Bri said...

You look so cute! Except for the fact that it makes me feel extra huge. I just have to keep telling myself I'm 10 weeks farther along than you. :)

Stephanie said...

So cute! Love that picture :)

Macie said...

Holy cow it's been too long since I saw you last! You're tummy is so cute!! Are you really that close to your due date?! If you need help getting anything ready let me know. That glucose test is not fun. Just make sure the drink they give you is super COLD, then it's not so bad.

Aly said...

You are tiny! i have had the glucose test... they just took my blood. how did yours turn out?

Em said...

honestly the glucose screening test really isn't that bad. the stuff they give you to drink tastes like orange soda. and our little baby belly is really cute!

Christin Foscarini said...

Look at your cute little belly! So what is your plan for your photography when you have the little one?

Cheryl said...

Your baby bump looks very cute! Only 14.5 weeks until our sweet baby girl arrives? I can hardly wait to see her! When are you going to Disneyland?

Laus said...

Thrilled! You're doing great and I concur with the others...get the glucose testing juice nice and cold and just suck it up for the last half of the bottle. It's not the worst thing in the world just about ten million cups more sugar than you usually like all at once ;)