Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Purse

A while back my friend Annie started a purse tag. And today I decided to do it.

Things found in my purse and wallet/planner thingy:


Wallet/planner thingy
Two candy wrappers
Harmons receipt
Two gum wrappers
Voucher for a vendor meal at the wedding expo
Blue pen

Wallet/planner thingy:

Check book
Three bank deposit receipts
Two Nordstrom gift cards
Two movie theater discount tickets
Library card
Banana Republic credit card
Business credit card
Personal debit card
Drivers license
NEW Disneyland Annual Passport
Disneyland ticket
Staples reward card
Two Pottery Barn gift cards
American Quilting punch card
Health and dental insurance cards

Now if you need to clean our your purse/wallet, you should do this too.


Annegirl said...

Ah man. Yours was a lot cleaner than mine. :)

Karissa Kay said...

How do you have all those gift cards still in your wallet? Whenever I get gift cards, they don't last very long! You need to go shopping!