Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The house update

For those who have asked, we did not move this past weekend. You see, there was at typographical error on the selling agent's part of the contract. This three letter error has cause quite a bit of drama and delayed the closing date to an unknown date in the future. I'm OK with this because the longer it takes to close, the more time I have with my calling in Young Women. In fact, I'd be OK if the paperwork was delayed through June because then I could go to girls camp. 

And because a post without pictures is like a day without sun (or something cheesy like that), here's a picture:


Annegirl said...


Is it weird that I follow your house situation with this much enthusiasm?

Ashley Schill said...

Hey Jessie, it's Ashley. Jeff and I have a blog too. thechillschills.blogspot.com. Hope you are doing well!