Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Fancy Car

So we have pretty cool neighbors. Like, the kinds of neighbors that rent/borrow (not sure) fancy cars for their husband's 40th birthday in attempt to curb a mid-life crisis. Also the kinds of neighbors that let us take pictures with said fancy car without making us feel like car-struck fools.

Happy birthday Todd!

Oh wait! That's not the fancy car. That's our car, that only took $17 to fill up with gas. From empty empty to full full. Sweet!!

That's right folks, a bright orange Lamborghini. Flashy eh?


Annegirl said...

Oh my gosh. So funny. I filled up last night from "please just let me make it off the freeway!" to full and under 20! ($19). WAHOO!

Plus sweet lamborghini. If that was my car, the license plate would say "Hav Murci"

dillon and kim said...

hey jessie, i hope you don't think i'm a crazy stalker but i peek in on your blog every now and then and just wanted to say hi. you and jason are the cutest couple and your photography is amazing! anyway, we have a blog now so feel free to stalk us once in awhile :)

Cheryl said...

Wow that is one fancy car! I like you car better! You do look cute posing beside it!

dillon and kim said...

lol, i'm sorry my husband was so mean. he's not anymore :) and you have to admit that is a pretty funny memory.