Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pioneer Day

Finally! I found time to put together this Pioneer Day weekend post. On the first night, Carlie and Melanie got all dolled up to go to the Fairview Youth Dance.

They were bound to break a few hearts ...

Or something.

Rylie and Katelyn got all spiffied up to save the world!

Batman and Catgirl forever.

When Carlie and Melanie returned from the dance, they were not alone. Meet Aubrey, a Liahona* distance learner that Carlie and Melanie met at youth conference.

We played a lot of card games.

Then we saw Wall-E at the Basin Drive In in Mount Pleasant

The next morning we woke up to this beautiful sun coming over the mountains

And, it being Pioneer Day, we headed into Fairview for a gander at their pioneer museum. Upon closer inspection, Jason discovered his ancestor John F. Sanders memorialized on this monument outside the museum. Inside the museum we found all sorts of nifty stuff belonging to the Sanders family ... including the address to their house which is still standing!

So of course we went to their house. This was the first house built in Fairview.

Original trees and everything.

The nice owners of the house invited us inside and showed us the original fireplace ...
And the original wood floors and lamp.

That night before heading to the derby, I caught my parents kissing ...

And Katelyn posing.

God bless America!

The demolition derby!
Fierce competition ...
Some cars nearly tipped ...
Others really tipped!
(and one car rolled over but my picture didn't turn out due to the people standing in front of me.)

And then, the firework show!
Best fireworks anywhere.
*Liahona is the private school my sisters (and Melanie) attend.


Barb Elder said...

As always we had a GREAT time. Love the pictures

Cheryl said...

So exciting to see the pictures of John Sanders home. I know my mom has always wanted to see it. Hopefully we will be able to make in up there in a couple of weeks. Such a pretty area!!

aly said...

ok i can't believe i am related to her!

but don't get me wrong- i am so happy i am because she is just hilarious!

and fyi i think she has always secretly wanted to be batman- it all started around the age of 3 when she would wear mitch & mckays superhero underwear. (but that is probably something i shouldn't share with everyone....oh well!)