Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's about time. . .

Well folks, it's about time for an update. Our most recent big news is that Jason and I moved from our cute little apartment in Provo to our cute not-so-little apartment in Orem. It's an increase in rent, but a decrease in commuting time to and from both of our jobs. I tried to get pictures of us moving, but Jason is a very task-oriented guy and didn't feel like letting me take his picture. So this is the best I could do:

He's cute isn't he? We're mostly settled into our new place. Since my parents just moved and got a lot of new furniture, we've been fortunate to inherit what they no longer need/want. So we still have a bookshelf, a hutch and a guest bed to move from their old house to our new one.

I finished up my internship at The Daily Herald. It was a great experience and I'm going to miss working there. For your enjoyment, here is what is likely my last "Skinny" column ever.

The Daily Herald

Little problems with age: I am 5-foot-2 and 95 pounds - barely.

And not only does my body type closely resemble that of my 12-year-old sister and her friends, but my cute little face makes it hard to pick me out of a crowd of freshmen - as in high school freshmen.

Now I realize this is all well and good, and I will be grateful for my youthful looks when I'm older, but when I am trying to make it in the adult world, looking like I should still be reading Seventeen magazine and worrying about who might ask me to Junior Prom is not a good thing.

Last summer, I went to the Cartel concert at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, where you had to be either 16 years old or with a parent or guardian to get in.

No problem, or so I thought, until I was the only one there who was stopped -- twice -- and asked for proof that I was old enough to be at the show without my mommy.

One guy even laughed at me and asked, after seeing my over-21 driver's license, "Now, you're not really going to try and buy alcohol with this, are you?"

Well, I wasn't going to try and buy a drink, but the point is, I could have if I wanted to.

And sadly, I get the feeling the bartender would have called over security and had me hauled out of the show for attempting to use a fake driver's license.

I could go on for days with stories like this; such as the one time my then 11-year-old sister's friend asked me in awe if I attended the local junior high school. When I told her no, that, in fact, I was a senior at Brigham Young University she laughed at me. Now, every time she sees me she calls me "Little Miss Junior High."

Sometimes I want to teach her a lesson and clock her in the face, but, frankly, she's twice my size and I don't stand a chance against her.

-- Jessie Evans


Mike and Debbie said...

Too funny!!! Although I am taller than you, I experienced the same problem at your age and actually get comments now all the time as well, but when you are in your 50's you don't mind being thought of in your 30's. Even when Mike and I got married, he was accused of robbing the cradle...even though I was nearly complete with my college degree. It was a curse at your age but it does get better!!

AnneGirl said...

Don't get me started.

Whitney Tanner said...

I am going to be sorry not to read your column anymore. You'd better keep writing things on your blog! Better to have people mistake you for young rather than old. People always ask me if I've gone on a mission- so pathetic. I'm just barely able to go!

Whitney Tanner said...

Oh yeah, I'm taller than most boys (and I like heels)!

brandon & brittany said...

yay for moving into a larger space...two people have a lot of necessary (spelling?) junk.

Rissa and Jared said...

ahhh, totally jealous that you inherited a ton of furniture. sounds like fun!

mattnbeth said...

thats exciting to get free furniture! and sorry about the age thing. that stinks. although mine isnt that bad, i know how you feel.

K.J. and Macie Stratton said...

I totally just laughed out loud! I feel your pain! But good things come in small packages. . .like us. :)

Kara said...

Jessie, you are such a talented writer! I loved it. I love reading your blog, and it makes me miss you and everything about Nauvoo! I can't wait to see pictures of your apt. when you get some.

Creole Wisdom said...

What a cute article. I like your writing style : ) I have to say, it's all pretty funny! I never would of thought you look 12 from your pictures, but I didn't know how petite you were either. Guess that combo is lethal lol ; )


Adriane said...

You're in my ward, you're in my ward!!! How fun!!! I'm so excited! Sorry we had to make ourselves scarce so I couldn't talk to you in Relief Society--I wasn't feeling well, and neither was Gregory (as he made obvious!)